• Play With The Pro: on-course game assessment and goals setting
    • A two hour, on-course game assessment that is also a great instructional value. It’s the perfect way to review the state of your game and decide which program best fits your schedule and goals. You’ll get a taste of the coaching environment and then participate in a personal review and goals-setting session. Minimum 2, maximum 3.                      
      $ 85.00/player    
  • Small Group Coaching: results based on-course programs
    • Two Sessions:  May 15 – July 15 and July 16-Sept. 16 (approx.)

      The very best way to learn, improve and have more fun on the golf course. Absolutely amazing results for players with handicaps averaging 15 and above. If you’re a lower handicap player, the same program is used with advanced, challenging formats. Results guaranteed!

      Designed for men, women and juniors playing in groups of 4 and who can accommodate set schedules. Groups are comprised of players with like abilities or of friends who already play in a regular group. Perfect for players whose goals are to shoot lower scores without major swing changes. Build your own group or we’ll help find players for you. Coaching sessions usually are one week on the course, the next week on the practice area. (Depending on training content, training sessions many times move to the golf course.) 

      CCVT Gold:            
      If you really want to improve, this is the “gold” standard. Because there is plenty of time, there is no need to rush. This program helps us understand you and your game and allows enough time for you to get control of your game and reach your goals. Designed for players of all skill levels.

      Ten sessions (five on course and five supervised practice sessions) over 12 weeks. Groups meet at the same time each week and alternate between on-course and supervised practice sessions. Two absences allowed with make-up sessions. Twenty-two (22) hours of coaching: five 2 ½ hour on course (12.5 hours), five 1 ½ hour supervised purposeful practice sessions (7.5 hours) and two one-hour solos (2 hours). Build your own group or we will help.
      $ 787.00

      CCVT Silver:              
      For members who appreciate meeting each week for continuity, but don’t have the full 12 weeks, this is a great alternative. Designed for players of all skill levels.

      Six (6) sessions (three on course and three supervised practice sessions) over 8 weeks. Groups meet at the same time each week and alternate between on-course and supervised practice sessions One absence allowed with make-up session.  Fourteen (14) hours of coaching: three 2 ½ hours on course (7.50 hours), three 1 ½ hour supervised purposeful practice sessions (4.5 hours), and two one-hour solos (2.0 hours).Build your own group or we will help.
      $ 560.00

      CCVT Flex Program:  
      Designed for people who can’t commit to a set schedule but want the benefits of results- based, on-course coaching. Purchase of a package earns scheduling privileges not accorded to “drop ins”.  Players request a session and are assigned a group of no more than 3 players based on schedule openings. To be used during the 2018 season. (Drop in $ 99.00/session).                 
      10 Pack $ 895.00

      “Baby Steps” – Introduction to On Course Coaching: 
      Designed for players unaccustomed to on-course coaching but have enough curiosity to at least give it a try. Players smitten with the program (and you will be!) can opt to extend to a six or ten week program. The ultimate way for friends to learn together and support each other. Designed for players of all skill levels.

      We start with a relaxed, fun three holes on the course and then follow with a review, improvement plan and goals setting. Two (2) 1 ½ hour 3-hole on-course sessions. Two (2) 1 hour supervised purposeful practice sessions. 5 hours of coaching. Minimum: 2 players, Maximum: 4 players per group. Build your own group or we will help.                                                         

      “Boot Camp” Clinics for 4:
      Regularly scheduled, weekly 1 ½ hour small group clinics on a single topic (short game, full swing, trouble shots). Sold as 10 Play Cards at $ 49.00 per session. Players check our calendar, chose a clinic topic and sign up ahead of time. Don’t let the “Boot Camp” name fool you; these are very relaxed, game-based clinics with lots of personal attention. Designed for players of all skill levels.

      “Boot Camp” sessions include instruction on fundamentals and ball control concepts. If you are working on a swing change or are in need of lots of skill development hours, this program is perfect for you. The 10 Play Card is to be used within a 90 day period from the purchase date.
      Members purchasing 10 Play Cards have “first come” scheduling privileges.
      Drop in rate $ 65.00 on a space available basis. Maximum 4 players per session.
      Build your own group or we’ll. $ 490.00

      Cocktails and Coaching:
      Free for all Player’s Club members 
      Another innovative CCVT feature:  twice monthly interactive opportunity for any Player’s Club participant. First, start at the practice area; ask questions that have come up in your programs and Jay will design a training game for you on the spot. Then retire to the club house and work with Keith Geissler (Personalized PT founder) on fitness, stretching, pains, etc.  Once you’re fit, we’ll go over course strategy questions that will really help your game.
      Typically late afternoons, 1 ½ hours. (Dates TBA)
  • Coaching clinics and programs for beginners and novices
    • Get Ready for Golf 1:
      Non-technical, totally fun-based sessions for beginners to the game or for novices who just want to start fresh. Five (5) 1 ½ hour sessions (7.5 hours) on all the fundamentals, including building a swing, short game and putting. We’ll even be on the course once or twice. Minimum 3 players per session.   Build your own group or we will help.
      $ 315.00

      Get ready for Golf 2:
      Still not overly technical and easy to understand.  Designed for graduates from Golf 1 or for novices who have a little golf experience already but would like a refresher. “Ladder” approach to learning on-course (sessions start with putting, then chipping from the fringe and gradually working backwards from the green to the fairway and to the tee). The most stress-free learning environment you’ve ever experienced.  Five (5) 1 1/2 hour sessions (7.5 hours).  Minimum 3 players session. Build your own group or we will help.
      $ 315.00

      Get Ready For Golf Package (1 & 2)
      Package of “Get Ready for Golf 1 and 2”: ten (10) sessions (15 hours). Nothing could be better for a beginner or novice hooked on the game who wants one of two things: first, to get a great start in understanding and playing the game;  or second, be comfortable playing with significant others or friends either at CCVT or an away course. Build your own group or we will help.
      $ 595.00
  • Solo Coaching: private lessons that add a coaching component
    • Traditional one-hour lessons can be too long (technical overload), or too short to really accomplish your goals. Either way, the new skills just don’t seem to make it to the course.

      We are committed to coaching, so we offer private lessons that  include mechanical as well as player-development components, such as purposeful practice and game management. Players accustomed to one-hour private swing lessons will be amazed at how much more they will learn in this format, and how much easier it is to see progress on the course.
      1 ½ hour private lesson -$ 142.50
      3 Pack, 1 ½ hour private lessons - $ 384.75
      6 Pack, 1 ½ hour private lessons - $ 769.50
  • Traditional private lessons
    • ½ hour single lesson - $60.00
      1 hour single lesson - $100.00
      3 Pack ½ hour lessons - $165.00  
      3 Pack 1 hour lessons - $285.50
      6 Pack, ½ hour lessons - $324.00
      6 Pack, 1 hour lessons - $571.00

The Player's Club at the Country Club of Vermont


The Country Club of Vermont has launched The Players Club, an exciting new instructional culture and innovative philosophy dedicated to player development for any level golfer. Our professional staff are coaches, not just swing instructors, committed to the whole player: physical, mental and strategic. We guarantee results because we know that the path to happier players is by them learning to play the game on the golf course, not being stuck on a driving range trying to fix their golf swings.

Year after year our Player’s Club members have produced better scores and even wider smiles. We’ve simplified the game for them, taught them to play with far less stress and encouraged them to take ownership of their own swings, not ones taught to them as a “one swing fits all” theory. From solo coaching sessions for beginners, through year round programs for up and coming juniors, to small group coaching for men and women, through elite training for the avid competitor, CCVT is committed to a player experience like no other.

David Bennett, PGA - General Manager / Director of Golf

Dan Ruane, PGA - Head Golf Professional

Jay Cooke - Director of Instruction

Jay Cooke, Director of Instruction, is the creator of The Player’s Club, an innovative program dedicated to players discovering their games by learning on the golf course. He has recently returned from the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show where he completed certification courses that will be instrumental in rolling out the new CCVT instructional platform. His membership and continuing education in these organizations insures that CCVT members will always be part of the latest player development programs. The following is a list of Jay’s on-going certifications and affiliations.       

Practicing Member 
RGX Coaching Group. International association of professional instructors dedicated to player development on the golf course. RGX coaches specialize in small group and solo on- course, results-based coaching.

Certified Instructor
The Scoring Method is a comprehensive golf improvement system that uses a student’s own scores to determine how they can play better and have more fun. Designed for all skills levels, it not only helps determine where improvement is necessary, but also provides step-by-step directions in exactly what and how to practice. Students flourish because the game becomes simplified, they feel liberated because they play with less stress and typically improve without changing their swings.        

Certified Level 4 Wright Balance 
An elite group of golf professionals dedicated to integrating science into their teaching. Wright Balance focusses on alignment and balance so all players can be confident that their setups and swings compliment their individual physical abilities.     

Participating Coach
Revolutionary programs from Pia Nilson and Lynn Marriott, the two highest ranked female instructors in America. They are well known for their creation of “Human Skills” that make sure players can perform better on the golf course.