Membership Promotions

If you have any questions concerning our Membership Promotions or are interested in joining the Club, please contact Mary-Elizabeth O'Malley, Membership & Communications Director, at 802-244-1800 ext. 10.

  • Fall Promotion
    • Join CCVT now and pay no dues until December 1st, 2017!

      A new member may play the remainder of the 2017 golf season by paying half of the initiation fee of any given golf category:

      Premier Family Golf $5,000
      Individual Golf $3,000
      Executive (35-39) $2,000
      Executive (34 & under) $1,000

      The remaining half of the initiation fee will be due April 1st, 2018, locked in at the current rate!

      Offer Closes on September 15th - Call Today & Start Swinging Now!

  • New Premier Family Golf Membership